Business Engineering

Green Business Process Management

Lübbecke, Patrick Bernd; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Sustainability Patterns for the Improvement of IT-related Business Processes with Regard to Ecological Goals Inproceedings

Dumas, Marlon; Fantinato, Marcelo (Ed.): International Workshop on Sustainability-Aware Business Process Management, located at BPM 2016, September 18-22, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Springer, 2016.

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Lübbecke, Patrick; Reiter, Markus; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Simulation-based Decision Support for the Reduction of the Energy Consumption of Complex Business Processes Inproceedings

Sprague, Ralph H (Ed.): 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), pp. 866-875, IEEE, 2015.

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Reiter, Markus; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Towards a Reference Model for Ecological IT Service Management Inproceedings

2013 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2013), pp. 1-20, 2013.

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Social Business Process Management and Organizational Learning

Reiter, Markus; Houy, Constantin; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Context-sensitive Collaboration in Service Processes through the Integration of Telecommunication Technology and Business Process Management Inproceedings

Sprague, Jr. Ralph H (Ed.): 46th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2013), pp. 491-500, IEEE Computer Society, 2013.

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Balzert, Silke; Wessel, Daniel; Kleinert, Thomas; Knipfer, Kristin; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Towards an IT Solution to Support Reflective Learning at the Workplace Inproceedings

European Conference for Information Systems (ECIS), AIS, 2012.

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Vanderhaeghen, Dominik; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Organizational and Technological Options for Business Process Management from the Perspective of Web 2.0 - Results of a Design Oriented Research Approach with Particular Consideration of Self-Organization and Collective Intelligence Journal Article

Business & Information Systems Engineering, 2 (1), pp. 15-28, 2010.

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Capability Maturity Models

Krivograd, Nico; Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Development of an Intelligent Maturity Model-Tool for Business Process Management Inproceedings

Sprague, Ralph H (Ed.): 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS), pp. 3878-3887, IEEE, 2014.

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Krivograd, Nico; Fettke, Peter

Development of a Generic Tool for the Application of Maturity Models - Results from a Design Science Approach Inproceedings

Sprague, Ralph Jr. H (Ed.): 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, pp. 4326-4335, IEEE, 2012.

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Component-Based and Service-Orientated Operational Information Systems

Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter; Pastor, Kai

Ein UML-basiertes Metamodell zum Memorandum zur vereinheitlichten Spezifikation von Fachkomponenten Incollection

Turowski, Klaus (Ed.): Architekturen, Komponenten, Anwendungen. 1. Verbundtagung Architekturen, Komponenten, Anwendungen (AKA 2004), pp. 181-201, Köllen, Bonn, 2004.


Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Specification of Business Components Incollection

Mezini, M; Aksit, M; Unland, R (Ed.): Objects, Components, Architecture, Services, and Applications for a Networked World, LNCS 2591, pp. 62-75, Springer, Berlin et al., 2003.

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Fettke, Peter; Loos, Peter

Komponentenorientierte Vorgehensmodelle im Vergleich Inproceedings

Turowski, Klaus (Ed.): 4. Workshop Komponentenorientierte betriebliche Anwendungssysteme, Augsburg, Deutschland, 11. Juni 2002, Tagungsband, pp. 19-43, 2002.