BPM meets Industry 4.0: Model-based production in an intelligent Lego-factory

Industry 4.0 stands for smart production components and represents cyber-physical systems with a high degree of flexibility and individuality. It enables productions to be increasingly intertwined with the virtual and digitalized world. Furthermore, it leads to products on an automated and profitable basis, even when unit numbers are low but the number of product variants remains high.


Oliver Gutermuth, Prof. Dr. Peter Loos, Simon Ternis, Tom Thaler

At CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, the DFKI illustrates the possibilities of Industry 4.0 by simulating a tractor manufacturing plant using Lego bricks. The Refmod-Miner’s showcase demonstrates how Lego tractors can be manufactured automatically in different variations on the basis of descriptive process models. Therefore, the whole production process is instantiated with a process model such as an EPC, and completely executed and monitored by using sensor techniques. The process begins with the acquiring of the needed bricks. After that, the tractor is build together. At the end of the process, the quality of the product is reviewed and validated.

Anke Rehlinger visits our showcase

Anke Rehlinger visits our showcase

In retrospect, CeBIT 2016 was a great success, which enabled many interesting discussions with business and political representatives.

Here are┬ásome of our impressions captured in a series of pictures. Furthermore, CeBIT released a video about the DFKI’s current work.