Successful application at the Software Campus

We are proud to announce that two of our researchers – Philip Hake and Patrick Lübbecke – and the masters student Manuel Zapp applied successfully for the Software Campus 2015/16. The Software Campus is a programme of up to two years in length, combining scientific research and management practice. During the duration of this programme, participants realize an IT project with the assistance of research and industry partners. Besides the practical experience, the project’s main focus is on training participants with executive functions.
In this respect, congratulations to all three of you.

Philip Hake:
Topic: Extraction of Semantic Relationships between Business Processes to Support the Model Integration within the Scope of the Consolidation of Heterogeneous Business Information Systems
Industry Partner: Scheer Group

Patrick Lübbecke:
Topic: Ecological Workflow Patterns: Optimization of Business Processes by means of Ecological Design Patterns
Industry Partner: Software AG

Manuel Zapp
Topic: From Analog to Digital: Digitizing Paper-based Business Process Models using Machine Learning and Computer Vision Algorithms
Industry Partner: Software AG