SMART MACHINES … the revolution in artificial intelligence

Lecture with:

Dr. Ulrich Eberl
House Robot Nao Bluestar

Reinhard Karger, Moderation


Villa Lessing, Liberal Foundation Saar

The development is unstoppable. The machines have awakened. They drive cars on their own, learn to cook and wait tables, paint and make music, think and debate. Some of them already surpass us: they make better diagnoses than doctors, know more than quiz world champions, speak 20 foreign languages, detect suppressed emotions and recognize technical problems before a turbine fails.

Where does that lead? Are robots and smart computers a blessing for mankind or rather a threat to jobs, privacy and security? The science journalist, industrial physicist and futurologist Ulrich Eberl has conducted research in many laboratories and companies around the world. He met machines that are helpful and emotional, independent and social. In his lecture, he describes vividly and precisely the fascinating developments in the field that hits the core of our self-image: human intelligence. He will be accompanied by his domestic robot Nao Bluestar.

The event is open to all interested citizens.

Participation is free of charge.

Afterwards you are cordially invited to a small drink