IWi maintains its leading position at the Process Matching Contest 2015

In recent years, the size of companies’ process model repositories has steadily been increasing and is expected to further increase in the coming years. The resulting need for automated processing techniques has led to various different process model analysis techniques, including process model matching approaches. These approaches are characterized by supporting the creation of an alignment between process models, i.e. the identification of correspondences between their activities.

In 2015, the second Process Model Matching Contest (PMMC) took place under the patronage of EMISA 2015 and was hosted by the BPM Research Cluster and the University of Innsbruck on 4 September. The contest’s main goal was the evaluation of different process model matching approaches and it was achieved by a comparative analysis. This year, a total of 12 approaches was submitted and evaluated. Among them were four techniques developed by our RefMod-Miner team. The evaluation showed that the algorithms RefMod-Mine/NHCM (enhancement of our last contest’s winner) and OPBOT (Leipzig University) provided the best results. Altogether, the DFKI’s algorithms showed above-average performance and, once again, asserted themselves over their competitors. Thereby, the DFKI defended its international leading position in the field of Process Model Matching.