We are interested in the application of our ideas in several application domains. Domains of major importance are:

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 or fourth industrial revolution is a widely used term for the ubiquitous informatisation of company’s value chains by cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services. The objective is to develop companies into so called Smart Factories. They are characterized by components, which are able to communicate with humans, and production plants or monitoring processes that map business processes into virtual structures for finding improvement potentials. Furthermore, Smart Factories are often denoted by good cross-company communication, product individualization and flexible large-scale production.

Digital Services

With the development of the Internet, the ways in which service is provided has changed in recent years. This is shown, among other ways, in the digitalization of the service sector and their appearance to customers. Associated with this are so-called Digital Services or E-Services. These are services between companies and their customers, but without any physical contact. Therefore, Digital Services can be described as the automated delivery of digital information, transactions and customer services over an electronic medium – nowadays in particular the Internet. In times of increasing importance of individual large-scale customer interactions Digital Services offer many opportunities for competitive advantages.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management is a strategic approach to designing, managing and improving information technologies within organizations in the form of services. The goal of IT Service Management is not to provide new technologies, but instead to provide services that are necessary to achieve the customer’s business goals. The term IT Service Management is often associated with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which is a framework that provides best practice guidance on how to use IT to simplify business change, transformation and growth.

Electronic Goverment

Many governmental processes suffer from a lack of efficiency, which often results in long handling times and confusion for applicants. The reasons for this are ambiguous competencies and work sequences as well as media disruptions and inconsistent data exchanges. Electronic Government supports the public administration by implementing and using new technologies or improving processes in general. The results are e.g. better channels of communication, or fully electronic order transactions. For this reason, E-Government can be seen as a synonym for a modern and efficient public administration.

Sustainable and Green Information Systems

Poor environmental practices usually result in many kinds of waste, such as unused resources, heat or emissions. Not only do such practices have a negative impact on the environment, but they also decrease economic efficiency as well. Therefore, less waste leads in general to more efficient enterprises. Sustainable and Green IS is a subdomain of Information Systems that highly values the development, implementation and management of organizations regarding their ecological performance. By doing so, companies become more efficient and simultaneously do an honorable thing for the environment, society and future generations.

Mobile Health (mHealth) and Fitness

Wearables and mobile applications bring health applications to the user and break the frontiers of traditional stationary health care. In an “always online” fashion, the health status is constantly monitored and gives opportunities for “micro-interventions”, i.e. assistance beyond the scope of occasional health checks carried out by physicians. In the domain of innovative health applications, the BPM group deals with process- and data-centric real-time analytics in mobile scenarios. Based on this technology, general health recommendations can be given or users can be assisted to change their health behavior and adapt their plans towards physical activities (e.g. cycling exercise).