Huawei offers contract for exclusive licensing of the Smart Lego Factory

We are happy to announce that Huawei has made a contract offer for the exclusive licensing of the Smart Lego Factory’s constuction plans. Because of the Chinese upper class’s large demand for high-priced electronic toys, Huawei aims to position the Smart Lego Factory in the Chinese market by this sommer.

In the medium term, mobile phone products from Huawei are going to be integrated into a new extension stage of the Smart Lego Factory. Huawei hopes for a stronger cooperation with the Software Campus program, which will restart at the end of April and in which the Chinese company will replace the outgoing Siemens group as a practice partner. The planned contract volume is currently 1.4 million euros over 5 years. It is still unclear whether original Lego building blocks will be used as the basis for the planned factory sets or the copies produced by the Chinese company Lepin. On the one hand there is probably no Lego set, which Lepin has not successfully copied for the Chinese market in high quality in recent years; on the other hand the Lego Group has been judicially against Lepin in China since the end of last year.