Best Report Award for the Institute for Information Systems at the 12th international Workshop on Business Process Intelligence 2016 (BPI ’16)


At this year’s international workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI ’16), which took place in Rio de Janeiro during the Business Process Management Conference (BPM 2016), Sharam Dadashnia, Tim Niesen, Philip Hake, Peter Fettke, Nijat Mehdiyev and Joerg Evermann have been honoured with the Best Report Award. 

Their contribution documented the results of several process mining analyses (Clustering, Discovery) based on a dataset provided by UWV (a Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) and described the application of a deep learning approach to these data. Their presentation, Identification of Distinct Usage Patterns and Prediction of Customer Behavior, showed  an innovative technique to predict the next action undertaken by users on the basis of the preceding ten tasks,  which impressed the jury and prevailed over the other submissions.

A certificate’s picture is available here: bpi_challenge.

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